Shifting Gears:

CLASSROOM ACTIVITY: AAA Shifting Gears: marijuana impired driving activity. 

Shifting Gears E-Learning explains the Blunt Truth about marijuana and driving through an interactive e-learning module with several worksheets in fillable PDF format you can e-mail to your students via Google classroom, Blackboard, or other learning systems. 

It comes with a teacher guide that lists the education standards met by implementing this curriculum and the answer key to the student worksheets. 

This activity take a deep dive into the “Effects of Cannabis on the Teenage Brain”.

The material also provides a A short animated video about the effects of cannabis on the brain.

Brain development, adolescence and short and long-term effects of cannabis/weed/pot are explained in simple language.  

Signup Instructions: 

1. Click here to access the "Shifting Gears" material.

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1. Take photos or the students during the activity or screenshots of the completed sheets.

2. Click "Submit Your Points."

3. Enter the name of the submitter and select the activity completed, the county and school.

4. Upload your photo/video footage and a brief description of the activity (including the date of completion and any people pictured in the photo).